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Wednesday, May 25, 2016



LITCRI '16 / V. International Literary Criticism Conference will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and will be organized by BILSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions). Since 2012, a nearly two hundred presentations by scholars from different places of the world have been hosted by DAKAM’s LITCRI Conference and four proceedings books have been published.

Papers will be published in DAKAM's online library and in the proceedings e-book (with an ISBNnumber), which will be given to you in a DVD box and will be sent to be reviewed in the "Thomson & Reuters WOS' Conference Proceedings Citation Index-CPCI"

LITCRI '16 / V. International Literary Criticism Conference will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and will be organized by BILSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions). Since 2012, a nearly two hundred presentations by scholars from different places of the world have been hosted by DAKAM’s LITCRI Conference and four proceedings books have been published.

The event will be held together along with LANGUAGE, PHONETICS AND ETYMOLOGY '16 / International Conference in Language Studies, TRANSLATION STUDIES '16 / International Conference on Translation and Interpreting and LANGUAGE LEARNING AND TEACHING '16 / International Conference on Education and Language. Participants will be able to attend any of the sessions of these conferences.


Abstract submission: 
JULY 1, 2016

AUGUST 26, 2016

Full papers submission:


Professor Mediha GOBENLI teaches since 2000 comparative literature at Yeditepe University. She has published Zeitgenössische türkische Frauenliteratur (Comparative Turkish Women’s Literature) (Berlin, 2003) and Direnmenin Esteti?ine Güven (Faith in the Aesthetics of the Resistance) (Istanbul, 2005), a comparative analysis of Peter Weiss’s Die Ästhetik des Widerstands and Vedat Türkali’s novel Güven (Faith). She has also published journal articles and book chapters on Comparative Women’s Literature, Exile and Literature, Migrants’ Literature, and Turkish Literature.



-Modern and Contemporary Novels and Short Stories
- Modern and Contemporary Poetry
- Reading the Classics
- Bestselling Literature
- Comparative Literature and Case Studies
- Literature For Children And Young Adults
- Crime/Detective Fiction and Science Fiction
- Comic/Graphic Novel

- Discussions in the History of Literature
- New perspectives in History and Case Studies
- Literary Criticism and Critical Theory
- Objectivism and Subjectivism in Literary Criticism
- History of publishing, books and libraries
- New media and literature: Theory and case studies

- Essential Texts on Literary Theory
- Author as Critic: Theoretical texts by authors
- Literary characters vs human beings
- The “constructedness” of fiction: consequences for literary interpretation Literature as history, history as literature
- Theoretical dimensions of the idea of “representation”
- Symbolism, metaphor, narrative levels: consequences for philosophical
- The concepts of “meaning” and “truth”in literary works
- Relationship between explicit content and critical elaboration
- Hermeneutics of suspicion / symptomatic reading vs. taking the works on its own terms
- Definition and concepts by literary movements or periods

- Interdisciplinary Studies on literature
- Modernism and Representation modernism
- Structural relationship between literature and linguistics
- Quantitative Reasearch on Literature
- Philosophy and fiction
- Language, culture and poetry
- Politics, sociology and class struggle
- Biographies of Authors and Poets

- Concept of World Literature
- The position of translation on the literature scene
- Literature after orientalism
- Cosmopolitanism
- The position of comparative literature
- The function of power relations
- Logistics of literature
- Activities, education and fairs

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ICLSL 2016

After the success of “National Conference on General Linguistics” (NCL), the department Linguistics, University of Kelaniya organised “First International Conference on Linguistics in Sri Lanka” (ICLSL 2015).
The enthusiasm showed by local and international researchers in making the ICLSL 2015 a platform for their research within the branches of Linguistics was commendable.
In 2016, ICLSL reaches its second step as the “Second International Conference on Linguistics in Sri Lanka”.
The Organising Committee of ICLSL 2016 warmly welcomes local and international researchers to forward their abstracts to  and make the conference a platform for their research findings.
Important Dates

Extended Deadline for Submission of Abstracts
 30th May 2016 

 Notification of Acceptance and Review Comments
30th May 2016

 Deadline for Resubmission
20th June 2016
Registration Period
20th June 2016 - 25th July 2016

 Conference Date
25th August 2016

Following format should be followed in preparing abstracts 
 Title of the abstract - Times New Roman 14 Bold 
Author’s name and affiliation - Times New Roman 12 
Abstract should be in single paragraph not exceeding 300 Words
-   Times New Roman 12 with 1.5 Spacing   5 Keywords

 Forward your abstracts to 

Monday, May 23, 2016

 International Conference on Literature, Culture and World Peace 2016 (Pune, India)

NL 6/5/13, Sector-10, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India- 400 706

23rd&24th September 2016
Dnyansagar Institute of Management & Research
SKP Campus, Near Pune-Mumbai Highway,
Baner-Balewadi, Pune, India

About Us

Higher Education and Research Society is a Mumbai based international learned society
concerned with the advancement and understanding of higher education, especially
through the insights, perspectives and knowledge offered by the systematic research and
scholarship. The Society aims to be the leading international organisation in the field to
support and disseminate research and education. We commit sustainable development
and focus on the solutions to spread the scientific attitude in academicians and citizens,
practical and solution-based approach to higher education in general; introduction of
applied education, social inequality, awareness of literature and language, climate change
and many more…
The Society intends to play a role of a catalyst to enable researchers in different
regions and disciplines to exchange information, share discussions on professional and
theoretical issues, and initiate and co-ordinate research. Purely committed to the cause of
academics in a „top-down pattern‟, the prime goal of the society is to encourage and
foster research by providing a platform to showcase the innate research aptitude of the
academician. Promoting academic research and scholarship into Language and
Literature, Humanities, Basic Sciences, Technology and Management streams, the
society is determined to bring about a scholarly get-together of the intellectuals.
The society has to its credit three mega international conferences held at Pune and
Nagpur with 400 plus delegates each time, a workshop and many MoUs with Research
Centers. For the future conferences the Society invites applications from reputed

institutions as „Venue Partners‟ in India
Peace Studies
 Peace Polemics
 Philosophy of Peace
 War and Peace
 War Literature
 Role of Literature/s in Promoting Peace
 Environment and Peace
 Space and Peace
 Democracy and Peace
 Immigration/Migration and Peace
 Literature and Humanitarianism
 Literature and Cultural History
 Conflict Resolution and Disarmament

 Literature and Human Rights Philosophy and Ethics
 Communalism and Sectarianism
 Cultural Integration and Fragmentation
 Spirituality and Literature
 Gandhism and Literature
 Non-violence and Peace
 Buddhism and Literature
 International Law and its Execution
 Globalization and Peace
 Trench Poetry and Beat Poets
 Existentialist Stance in Literature
 Absurdity and Literature
 Inequality and Justice
 Literature of Protest and Peace
 Literatures of Gender Apartheids
 Literature and Ideology
 Globalization and Geopolitical Polarization
 Religion of War /Religion on War
 Ethnic Studies
 Literary Social Paradigm
 Literatures of Underrepresented
 Gender Trouble in Literature
 Nihilist and Jingoist Sentiment in Literature.
 Literature and Nationalism
 Regionalization and Internationalization
 Literature and Utilitarianism
 World Literature and New Literatures
 Ethnocentrism in Literature
 Literature and Class/ Caste / Race
 Rising Soft Powers in World Politics
 Subnationalism and Supranationalism
 Literature and Multiculturalism
 Terrorism and Literature
 Fundamentalism and Peace
 Xenophobia in Literature
 Agrarianism and Literature
 Regionalism and Regional Literature
 Rhetoric and Techno-culture
 Literature and Digital Divide
 Literature and Social Media
 Technology and Peace
 International Relations: Literary Depictions
 Cyber War and Science Fiction
 Globalization, Media and Peace
 Domestic Peace
 Education / Teaching for Peace
 Youth for Peace

Submission of Abstracts
The participants may send ABSTRACTS of their standard research papers up to 10th July
2016 (Regular Fees) or after 10th July (Late Fess) to
conforming to the “Submission Guidelines” uploaded on OR
“Registration Form” may be downloaded from the same websites. The details regarding
selection will be communicated within two days from the date of submission of abstract.
The registration process has to be completed within three working days from the date of
selection of the abstract.
The complete research paper for presentation may be submitted on the conference day at
the registration counter.

 Address for Correspondence

Dr Sudhir Nikam
A-2, 503, Punyodaya Park
Near Don Bosco School, Adharwadi
Kalyan (West), Thane, India- 421 301
Mobile: +919322530571 / +919405024593

Registration Fees

Registration fees should be paid through NEFT/Online Payment within “three working
days” as per the guidelines mentioned in the “SELECTION MAIL.”
Registration up to 10th July 2016
INR 2000/- (without accommodation)
INR 3000/- (with accommodation)
Registration after 10th July 2016
INR 2500/- (without accommodation)
INR 3500/- (with accommodation)Literary Insight: A Refereed
International Journal
(ISSN 0975-6248)
Annual Print Journal since 2010 (January)
Contemporary Discourse: A Peer
Reviewed International Journal (ISSN
Biannual Print Journal since 2010 (January / July)
 SPOT REGISTRATIONdoes not include accommodation. However, spot
registration with accommodation is permissible to „foreign delegates only‟,
subject to availability and obtaining prior permission.
 „Moderate‟ accommodation on sharing basis will be provided for outstation
delegates during conference days (23rd&24th). The stay before the conference day
will be charged separately. Since limited number of rooms are available, delegates
are requested to register well in advance. The rooms will be allocated on firstcome-
 Registration fees covers Conference Kit, Breakfast, Tea and Lunch during
conference days.
 Maharashtrian Vegetarian food will be served during conference days.
 A co-presenter or an accompanying person will have to make separate
 No T.A./ D.A. is paid to the Delegates.
Mode of Payment
Registration fees should be paid through NEFT/online payment only as per the guidelines
mentioned in the “SELECTION MAIL.”


The Registered Delegates are entitled to get their research paper published online in the
Journal of Higher Education & Research Society: A Refereed International
(ISSN 2349-0209) Oct16/April17 issue “subject to approval” by the reviewers.
 The “Selection Mail” following submission of ABSTRACT contains all the
detailed guidelines regarding publication. The authors need to strictly follow them.
 The approved submissions to be presented in this conference or some other relevant
paper should be mailed „separately‟ ONLY AS PER THE GUIDELINES
 The only email for publication related communication is
 The final decision regarding publication of the article resides with the Convener /
Organizing Secretary.
Dr Madhavi Nikam Dr Sudhir Nikam
(Convener) (Organising Secretary)
Best Compliments


Friday, May 20, 2016

CFP: "Indigenous Languages and Cultures: Then and Now" 

Call for Papers

May 28, 2016
United Kingdom

Colonial America, Indigenous Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Native American History / Studies, Pre-Columbian History / Studies

Proposals are welcome for 20-minute papers, or panels of three speakers, exploring indigenous cultures and languages from a range of methodological approaches and geographical contexts. As the name suggests, our conference welcomes submissions across a range of time periods, from historical to contemporary times.
Papers might consider themes including, but not limited to:
  • Revitalisation and preservation
  • Uses of indigenous histories
  • Cultures under threat
  • Oral tradition and education
  • Literature and translation
  • Community and identity
For individual papers, please submit a title, 200-word abstract and short biography.
For panel proposals, please submit a title and 200-word abstract for each paper and a short biography of each speaker.

Proposals should be sent to Harriet Smart at  by Friday 28 May 2016.

Contact Info: 
Harriet Smart
PhD Candidate in History
University of Sheffield
1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA
‘Indigenous Languages and Cultures: Then and Now’ Conference
University of Sheffield, 12 and 13 September
Contact Email: 

Aesthetics Afterlives: Memory, Transfiguration and the Arts

Call for Papers

September 9, 2016 to September 10, 2016

New Jersey, United States

Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Humanities, Literature

Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Holloway, Dean of Yale College and Professor of History and African American Studies

Location: Princeton University, New Jersey

The last four decades have witnessed a phenomenal upsurge of interest in memory and memory studies. Spurred on by the unprecedented destruction of World War II, memory studies as many know it today has evolved in a largely Euro-centric context. But the last two decades have seen groundbreaking work in overcoming regional as well as disciplinary boundaries. Many scholars now reject the so-called "competition" model of trauma, which implicitly pits one community's suffering against another, finding instead that the study of commemoration can affirm and encompass the full diversity of human experience and loss. Scholars have also taken new interdisciplinary strides, blending critical study of the arts with the study of memory as well as personal narrative, as our keynote speaker, Jonathan Holloway, does in Jim Crow Wisdom.
Recent developments in the study of memory, from Michael Rothberg’s Multidirectional Memory to Benjamin Stora’s La gangrène et  l’oubli, highlight the struggle between the desire to remember and the need to forget, which has taken center stage in discussions about memory and its uses. Pierre Nora's concepts of lieux and milieux de mémoire have inspired both praise and controversy regarding the relationship between memory and history; memory and space; and memory and artifacts in societies’ efforts to institute archives or commemorate important events. Between the preservation of sites of commemoration, such as Ground Zero and Parque de la Memoria, and the state-imposed silence on commemorative spaces under repressive governments, memory has become a much more self-conscious societal focus.
All these developments have strong aesthetic dimensions. The third annual conference of the Department of Comparative Literature at Princeton will undertake a two-day reflection on these issues of memory in artistic works and practice, broadly conceived. We see opportunities for new exploration of the way memory is preserved, transmitted, changed, resignified, and reinvented in works of art, and especially in "translation" from one work or medium to another.
We invite conference participants and community members to join us in considering such questions as: How is the memory of a war or violent event reconceptualized in aesthetic representations? How does kitchification transform the memory of an original event? How does mnemonic intertextuality change memories? How do artists transmit one another's work, and extend one another's reach (or their own) in posterity? In what ways does a painting or photograph establish the afterlife of its subject, or does a composer extend the life of a text or image "translated" into music? Can the various art forms do justice to one another? Can they do without each other? How do different translators re-write or change texts and memories? How does the artistic medium transform, change or adapt the memory of an event, experience, person or another work of art? What is the role of the scholar in the commemoration of the dead, and the living? How do issues of memory figure in the Public Humanities movement? These questions concern us not only as scholars, but also as citizens and human beings, and they can inform our approach to the scholar's ideal role in society.
Potential papers might explore these subjects:
  • Literature's refiguration of the memory of specific events
  • Translation and resignification of memories
  • Ekphrastic "translation," comparative media, and intermedial transmission (e.g., poetry set to music)
  • Musical compositions and their particular mode of transmission
  • Resignifying mnemonic sites
  • Memory and palimpsest
  • Food as memory
  • Memory and trace(s)
Abstracts no longer than 500 words are due to Brahim El Guabli and Rachel Bergmann at by June 10, 2016. Please include your full name, the title of your paper and your institutional affiliation in your abstract.
Contact Info: 
Brahim El Guabli
Contact Email: 

Thursday, May 19, 2016



SARTRE STUDIES '16 / Interdisciplinary Critical Theory Conference on Jean Paul Sartre will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and will be organized by BILSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions).

The event will be held together along with ALTHUSSER STUDIES '16 / Interdisciplinary Critical Theory Conference on Louis Althusser and BENJAMIN STUDIES '16 / Interdisciplinary  Critical Theory Series Conference on Walter Benjamin. Participants will be able to attend any of the sessions of these conferences.

All abstracts are going to be selected according to double blind reviews and accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings E-Book with an ISBN number that will be given to you in a DVD box during conference registration.

We invite you to join us at the event in Istanbul and would like to emphasize that proposals from different parts of the world are welcomed.

For the publication opportunities, registration conditions and presentation instructions, please visit the REGISTRATION INFO page. For accommodation opportunities and city tours, please read the ACCOMMODATION & TOURS page. 

  • Sartre’s Philosophy
  • Phenomenology and Existiantalism
  • Philosophy of Consciousness and Sartrean Phenomenology
  • Sartre’s Approach to Dialectic Reason
  • Sartre, Ricœur, Barthes
  • Sartre, Hegel and German Idealism
  • Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Husserl
  • Atheism, Theology and Mysticism
  • Sartre, Psychoanalysis and Society
  • Sartrean Ethics
  • Feminist Philosophy 
  • Question of Freedom
  • Being and Nothingness
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Humanism
  • Absurd
  • Images and Memory
  • Consciousness
  • Temporality, Subjectivity and Narrativity
  • Consciousness and the Body
  • Writing and Working
  • Sartre, Marx and Marxism
  • Critiques of Capitalism and Liberalism
  • Political Discussions around Sartre and his Political Perspectives
  • Sartre and Cold War
  • Sartre and Second World War
  • Sartre and Soviet Union
  •  Sartre and Literature
  • Sartre and his Novel
  • Modenist Literature and Poetry 
  • Sartre on Stage and Screen
  • New Approaches to Sartre Studies
  • Critical Theory and Sartre 
  • Sartre’s Work
  • Sartre and Activism
  • Biographical Notes
  • Sartre and People

SARTRE STUDIES '16 / International Critical Theory Series Conference on Jean Paul Sartre 


21st to 22nd October 2016 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Contact person: Ozgur Ozturk 

Papers will be published in DAKAM's online library and in the proceedings e-book (with an ISBN number), which will be given to you in a DVD box and will be sent to be reviewed in the "Thomson & Reuters WOS' Conference Proceedings Citation Index-CPCI 

Organized by: DAKAM 
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 15th July 2016