The 3rd ERL Conference aims to collect different perspectives from around the globe concerning what the educational role of language is. We want to discuss this fundamental question in relation to language beliefs (i.e. what concepts the role of language rests on), language activity (what language activity supports the development the best), language experience (what emotional position to language on the part of learners is fostered by different educational systems) and language matrices (what language images/representations serve educational purposes the best). For more questions, see
Prospective presenters are encouraged to submit proposals for papers and demonstrations/posters that offer theoretically- or empirically-grounded answers to any of the aforementioned questions. Ideally, they might include in the papers/presentations a direct reply to the ERL III’s main question in as simple a fashion as possible so that all the participants can better appreciate their perspective. We welcome proposals from educators and scientists representing various language-related positions, including teachers of different nationalities, pedagogues, psycholinguists, sociolinguists, educational theoreticians, anthropologists of language, and all others whose work combines linguistic and educational studies. The ERL III’s main languages are English and Lithuanian, but we also accept proposals in other languages and we shall provide interpreters should it prove more convenient.

The Conference Proceedings will be submitted for evaluation and indexing in Thomson Reuters Conference Citation Index. Preceded by ERL I and ERL II at the University of Gdansk, the ERL III Conference is additionally meant to strengthen and expand our international cooperation undertaken as the Educational Role of Language Network. This being the case, the ERL III Conference shall also serve – similarly to the first two ERL conferences – as a platform for live discussions of international pedagogically-linguistic projects. For more on the Network, see or
ERL papers have been published in ranked journals and interdisciplinary monograph, which we wish to be the case also with those from the ERL III Conference. As their destinations varies and is decided on after the conference (depending mostly on whether particular papers are more pedagogically- or linguistically-oriented), we request prospective presenters/authors to essentially follow APA guidelines. (the GOOD NEWS is that currently one issue of a ranked journal has already been secured for publications from the ERL III conference only). All further information on specific journals and rules shall be available at the ERL website.

Please note that:
-          the deadline  for paper proposals and conference registration is 31 March 2018
Early submissions are most welcome so that we can prepare the programme in advance
-          at the ERL Conferences we build up projects-oriented teams, which you may join.
Contact Info: 
tel. 48 509 747 531; (Michal Daszkiewicz - main organiser)