Concourse: 05/19/16


Thursday, May 19, 2016



SARTRE STUDIES '16 / Interdisciplinary Critical Theory Conference on Jean Paul Sartre will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and will be organized by BILSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions).

The event will be held together along with ALTHUSSER STUDIES '16 / Interdisciplinary Critical Theory Conference on Louis Althusser and BENJAMIN STUDIES '16 / Interdisciplinary  Critical Theory Series Conference on Walter Benjamin. Participants will be able to attend any of the sessions of these conferences.

All abstracts are going to be selected according to double blind reviews and accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings E-Book with an ISBN number that will be given to you in a DVD box during conference registration.

We invite you to join us at the event in Istanbul and would like to emphasize that proposals from different parts of the world are welcomed.

For the publication opportunities, registration conditions and presentation instructions, please visit the REGISTRATION INFO page. For accommodation opportunities and city tours, please read the ACCOMMODATION & TOURS page. 

  • Sartre’s Philosophy
  • Phenomenology and Existiantalism
  • Philosophy of Consciousness and Sartrean Phenomenology
  • Sartre’s Approach to Dialectic Reason
  • Sartre, Ricœur, Barthes
  • Sartre, Hegel and German Idealism
  • Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Husserl
  • Atheism, Theology and Mysticism
  • Sartre, Psychoanalysis and Society
  • Sartrean Ethics
  • Feminist Philosophy 
  • Question of Freedom
  • Being and Nothingness
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Humanism
  • Absurd
  • Images and Memory
  • Consciousness
  • Temporality, Subjectivity and Narrativity
  • Consciousness and the Body
  • Writing and Working
  • Sartre, Marx and Marxism
  • Critiques of Capitalism and Liberalism
  • Political Discussions around Sartre and his Political Perspectives
  • Sartre and Cold War
  • Sartre and Second World War
  • Sartre and Soviet Union
  •  Sartre and Literature
  • Sartre and his Novel
  • Modenist Literature and Poetry 
  • Sartre on Stage and Screen
  • New Approaches to Sartre Studies
  • Critical Theory and Sartre 
  • Sartre’s Work
  • Sartre and Activism
  • Biographical Notes
  • Sartre and People

SARTRE STUDIES '16 / International Critical Theory Series Conference on Jean Paul Sartre 


21st to 22nd October 2016 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Contact person: Ozgur Ozturk 

Papers will be published in DAKAM's online library and in the proceedings e-book (with an ISBN number), which will be given to you in a DVD box and will be sent to be reviewed in the "Thomson & Reuters WOS' Conference Proceedings Citation Index-CPCI 

Organized by: DAKAM 
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 15th July 2016 

Dreaming Asleep, Dreaming Awake

International Conference

7-­8 October 2016 – Warsaw, Poland

organised by Interdisciplinary Research Foundation

        Keynote Speaker: Dr. Massimo Schinco, International Association for the Study of Dreams

     The notion of dreams and beliefs about them differ considerably across cultures. In certain societies, dreams are generally considered to be unreal figments irrelevant to the important concerns of daily life. In other cultures people treat dreams as important sources of information about the future, the spiritual world or oneself. In some, dreams are considered to be a space for action like waking life, or a means for communication with other people or with the supernatural.
     According to Waud H. Kracke, how dreams are dealt within different cultures may be examined from four perspectives: beliefs people hold about the nature of dreaming; conventional systems by which people interpret particular dreams; the social context in which dreams are shared (or not shared) and discussed; and the ways in which dreams are used in practice, especially in curing. In addition, dreams can be interpreted psychodynamically, as expressing the dreamer’s inner wishes, fears and conflicts. Furthermore, scholars and clinicians have refined different forms of dreamworking, especially in groups, in order to appreciate the benefits that the attention to dreams may bring about in the life of individuals and communities.
     Dreaming Asleep, Dreaming Awake International Conference aims to spark new conversations about dreams and and their role(s) in cultural, social and personal contexts.
         Papers are invited on topics related, but not limited, to:
  • theories of dreaming
  • cultural differences in dreams
  • social embeddedness of dreams
  • dream symbolism
  • interpretation of dreams
  • therapeutic use of dreams
  • dreams and creativity
   The conference will bring together scholars from different fields including philosophy, theology, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, history, art, literature, linguistics, etc.
          The language of the conference is English.
        Paper proposals up to 250 words and a brief biographical note should be sent by 15 June 2016 to: Download paper proposal form.
          Papers presented at the conference will be published in a collected volume.
          Registration Fee:
  • Full registration fee: 150 €
  • Student registration fee: 115 €
Conference Venue: As-Bud Conference Centre, Central Tower, Al. Jerozolimskie 81, Warsaw