Concourse: 07/05/18


Thursday, July 5, 2018

CFP:International Conference on Convergence and Divergence: Indian Literature in a Global Context—Canadian and Indian Perspectives AUGUST 30-31, 2018.DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH,PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY,


The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) is a bi-national organization that promotes understanding between India and Canada through academic activities and exchanges. Its broad-based initiatives support the creation of bi-national links between academia, government, the business community and civil society organizations by funding research, faculty and student exchange, conferences, workshops and seminars. With a membership of over 110 leading Indian and Canadian universities and research institutions, SICI has facilitated greater collaboration between Indian and Canadian institutions in the humanities, social sciences, arts, science & technology, legal education, and management studies.

The Department of English, one of the oldest Departments of the University, was established on 1st December 1986, and since inception the Department has been the hub of teaching and research activity, attracting a cross-section of students and research scholars from all over the country. It has established itself as a stronghold of Comparative Literature, fostering Comparative Literary studies between Indian Languages and English. The Faculty of the Department with their diverse research areas and publications on topics of contemporary relevance remain at the forefront of innovative research areas.

The colours of my history had seeped out of my mind’s eye; now my other two eyes were assaulted by colours, by the vividness of the red tiles, the yellow-edged green of cactus-leaves, the brilliance of bougainvillaea creeper. --Salman Rushdie 
 The shifting trends of globalization has given rise to a transnational literary culture and produced writing that is difficult to be classified as Indian. Along with this difficulty, the tussle between the Indian literatures written in English and the Indian literatures written in bhasas has also entered the fray and distinctions between Indian writing in English and Indian writing in the bhasas has become fluid with each moving beyond the national boundaries. The focus of this seminar is to examine how the aesthetic and cultural parameters of Indian literature both writing in English and writing in translation are represented in a global context. The other investigation that the conference would like to focus on is the reception and consumption of these literatures in India and academic departments devoted to Indian/South Asian writing particularly in Canada (including US and European countries). We are interested in queries such as the role of academics and scholars in promoting Indian literatures and processing it in the global context; the nature of canon formations; the pedagogy of courses devoted to these areas nationally and internationally, the cross-cultural interactions that follow and so on. The objective of the conference would be to understand the modes and methods by which literature registers and attempts to grapple with colonialism, transnational migration, global capitalism and pedagogy within global shifts pertaining to national, racial, and religious identity.


Possible areas of interest pertaining to transnational and global contexts with a clear emphasis on Canadian and Indian perspectives may include, but are not limited to:

▪ Canon Formations
▪ Colonial, Imperial and Neo-colonial aspects
▪ Gender and Sexuality
▪ Indigenous/Aboriginal/Subaltern narratives
▪ Neoliberal contexts
▪ Pedagogical methods
▪ Region, Nation & Diaspora
▪ Translations in a transnational and global context

These areas of explorations are mere guidelines and contributors may please feel free to address the problem in their own critical and creative way. We encourage postgraduate students to present panels on any of the above-mentioned topics rather than individual papers to allow discussion and deliberation of the issue.


▪ Abstracts are to be sent to the Conference Director (Dr. H. Kalpana) before 15th July 2018 by email:
▪ Intimation of the Abstracts: 5th August 2018.


We request you to make your own travel arrangements to the conference as well as local travel in and around Pondicherry. Similarly, breakfast and dinner arrangements are at your own expense. We will make all efforts to provideaccommodation on shared basis but in case of any shortage/problems we will intimate at the earliest possible moment.


▪ The length of the Abstracts of the proposed presentation should be 300 words.
▪ The last date to receive the abstracts is 15/07/2018.
▪ The title and subtitle should be in bold, aligned to the ‘centre’ with font size of 14 point while the body of the abstract should be in the font size of 12 with a line spacing of 1.5. Notes and References should be in the font size of 12 and is to be given at the end of the abstract. Use Times New Roman font throughout.
▪ The presenting author’s name should be in bold, below the title of the abstract, followed by the names of co-authors, aligned to the ‘right’, in font size 14. Panels should indicate names of all presenters. Referencing should be done in MLA style to maintain uniformity.
▪ Below the abstract, draw a line and provide brief details about the corresponding author along with postal address/contact number/email in italics in font size 12.
▪ All co-authors need to register.
▪ The abstracts will be reviewed, and a selection will be made by the Department of English, PU.
▪ Selection of abstracts will be intimated by 05/08/2018.
▪ No request for extension of deadlines or for virtual presentations will be entertained.
▪ All presenters necessarily will have to participate and be present on both the days of the conference.
▪ Certificates of presentation/participation will only be distributed on 31st August after 3.00 pm.


▪ Faculty Members/Research Scholars (International): Rs. 5000
▪ Faculty Members (National and SAARC countries) /International Students: Rs. 2500
▪ Local Participants: Rs 800; Research Scholars and Students ((National and SAARC countries): Rs 500

Organised by SICI and Faculty, Scholars and Students of the English Dept, PU