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International Conference on Media , Culture and Ethics @ BITS Pilani,February 9-10, 2018

Greetings from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, BITS Pilani! It is indeed our pleasure to announce that we are organizing an International Conference on Media, Culture and Ethics during February 9-10, 2018 at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus.

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity to the researchers, scholars, academicians and practitioners from different parts of the world to understand and discuss the issues related to media, culture and ethics. The conference will try to draw guidelines of cultural behavior based on academic deliberations.

Prospective authors are hereby invited to upload abstract by clicking on “Online Submission of Abstracts” link given below. Authors are requested to note that in case of multiple papers, each paper is needed to be registered and uploaded individually, and registration id is unique for each paper. Full contact information (name, affiliation, e-mail ID and Tel etc.) of the corresponding author must be provided. Abstracts will be reviewed by the technical committee, and the acceptance of abstracts will be notified on the conference website. 

Conference Theme

Media and popular culture percolate in all aspects of our waking time. The unrelenting exposure predominantly guides our perception of reality, the formation of our values, our beliefs and attitudes and above all it defines self and society. This has become extraordinarily powerful educating agent among majority of the population. The speed with which it is influencing the society has blinded us. Hence, it becomes imperative to have the complete and true reflection of the cultures in which the stories are set. Authenticity and ethical guidelines also need to be employed seriously to the propagation of content through different forms of media. As the professional practitioners, it is of utmost importance not only to know our content and its relevance in today's context but also be good human beings, ethically cognizant of our responsibilities for others and world at large.

Culture is the belief system of a particular group, region or nation. The way content is circulated through films or other important forms of the media can have both positive and negative impact on different segments of society. Hence, there is an urgent need to study the nuances associated with the information being distributed and shared through different forms of the media and this conference would provide a platform to discuss the challenges and the possibilities to arrive at certain conclusions regarding the present status quo.


  • To explore the media and its influence on society and culture 
  • To understand the role of media in development, communication and nation building 
  • To identify the extent to which media engineers and distorts our perceptions 
  • To find out the impact of news channels on the mind of general masses 
  • To understand different formats of the print and electronic media 
  • To unravel the ethical dilemmas in different cultures and media practices 
  • To draw guidelines of cultural behaviour based on academic deliberations 

Key Areas/Tracks
  • Communication and Culture 
  • Media Ethics 
  • Culture and Society 
  • Journalism 
  • Literature and Media 
  • Radio and Television 
  • New Media 
  • Films 
  • Advertising Communication 
  • Corporate Communication 
  • Intercultural Communication 
  • Music, Art and Drama 
  • Theatre 
  • Media Literacy 
  • Legal Rights and Issues 
  • Political Communication 
  • Intercultural ethics 
  • Ethics in Communication 
  • Ethics across cultures 

Abstracts related to the theme of the conference are invited in the following format: 
Word limit: 250 – 300 
Font: Times New Roman, 12 points with 1.5 spacing 
Key words: 4 - 5 
Referencing Style: MLA 
Title page: Title of the paper, Author/s name, affiliation, contact details and a brief bio-note of 3-4 lines. 
Selection Criteria: Relevance to the conference theme, originality, clarity, methodology and findings. 
Note: In case of any difficulty in uploading multiple abstracts, please feel free to contact us

The deadline for the Abstract submission is October 15, 2017.

Contact Info: 


Prof. Sangeeta Sharma

Associate Professor,
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
BITS Pilani,Pilani Campus(Rajasthan)-333031,

All correspondence may please be sent to