Concourse: 01/04/18


Thursday, January 4, 2018

CFP:International Conference Language Studies: Mother of All Employability 22-23 February, 2018 Amity School of Languages,Lucknow

Concept Note:

Language is an instrument of expression and communication and therefore vital to employability in any framework. Even if we consider the mastermind as the original inceptor of any enterprise, we must concede that conceptualization is incomplete if not expressed in words and as soon as there is employment of words, language comes into being. Of all the varied human faculties, the most distinctive is the ability of man to give words to his thoughts. Articulation of thoughts has paved way for the rise and growth of language systems. In fact all processes of a civilized society owe their origin to language. In the past this unique human attribute accounted for the birth of new civilizations and the establishment of various socio- political and economic systems and ideologies. Language enabled and empowered man to sustain and survive in the backdrop of developments and transformations. The empowerment of mankind through language started when communication began to contribute to the growth of trade and industry. Lexical exchanges designed the fabric of cultures and distinguished one culture from the other. In this set-up language thrived and flourished on account of the immense possibilities it offered for growth and employability, The factors responsible for the continual significance of language and its contribution in opening avenues for growth and employability rested on one basic tenet and that was 'to conned .

Therefore, the significance of language cannot be discounted in any entrepreneurial activity that generates employment for unless an idea is expressed in words, it is not worthy of being implemented. Language therefore is the essential catalyst in the process of employment generation as well as acquisition. If we look at employability as a repertoire of an individual's skills and abilities that make one employment-worthy then we must also visualize a scenario where unless the qualifications are articulated they will remain unutilized. All the skills and expertise of an employee will remain in a state of limbo unless employed constructively and once again we find that for any kind of communication and expression, employment of language becomes inevitable. Since interaction is the undisputed basis of enterprise and entails commands, instructions, prescriptions, mandates, bids, contracts etc that need necessarily be expressed through language. Perhaps, it is not hyperbolic to say that language is the mother of employability.

Objectives: The aims and objectives of this International Conference are to modernize language learning, as well as promote education systems to respond better to poplin' learning and professional needs and to alkalize cooperation with employers, chambers of commerce and other stakeholders to support employability, mobility and growth.

The conference invites scholarly papers and deliberations in the following areas
  • Linguistics 
  • Literature
  • Communication skills 
  • Culture studies Gender studies 
  • Subaltern studies 
  • Theatre studies 
  • Media studies 
  • Film studies 
  • Queer studies 
  • Comparative Eco criticism
  • Diasporic writing
  • Translation studies
  • Language studies it Social Sciences 
  • English for Special Purposes 
  • Foreign Business Languages

Highlights of the Conference:

Pre conference 'Workshop on Communication Skills

Panel Discussions

Oppormity to conduct workshops‘

Opportunity to chair/facilitate roundtable discussions 

Publication of select papers in the Conference Book of proceedings with ISBN No

21st Feb 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop on Communication Skills for 1st 50 entrants only @ 1000/- per head.

Who Should Participate?

Teachers, Researchers. Creative writcm, lirofessionals. Cnmorate Honchos and Students

Submission of Abstracts: 15th Janauary 2018.

For Any Queries, Kindly contact:
Dr. Nidhi Mehta.