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International Seminar on The First World War: The Indian Context -St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Mangalore, India 5th-6th January 2018

Department of History
St Aloysius College (Autonomous)
Mangalore- 575003, Karnataka, India

The St Aloysius College plans to organize an international seminar on the theme The First World War: the Indian Context The College invites scholars in Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and in related fields to participate in the Seminar.

The Theme and the Context
It is 100 years since the First World War took place. As all of us know, though the Great War was the result of complex political developments of Europe, it had large influence on Indian society, economy and political life. It was mainly due to the fact that India was a colony of the British. The British too wanted the cooperation of Indians. Mahatma Gandhi who had returned to India after his African sojourn during the war had encouraged Indians to join the British forces.

Indians had immensely contributed to the British war efforts in the form of men and ammunitions as well as financial resources. The Princely states in India were often compulsorily made to contribute to the war efforts. Leaders of numerous communities and groups in India were made to lead the fund raising programmes such as collection of clothes and other materials which were sent to the war front.

Politically, India made a few gains after the war came to an end such as the Act of 1919, which gave a few concessions to the Indians in their long and bumpy road to self-determination.

The Department of History of St. Aloysius College Mangalore intends to study and document the entire history, literature and the accompanying trauma Indians faced during the war. A large amount of literature must be available on the topic as well as those times which must be lying unattended by the scholars in various libraries and archives and even in contemporary newspapers and journals. 

We propose to hold an international seminar on the subject involving scholars from Europe, USA and India. We will be making all efforts to publish the papers presented in the seminar after due review by reputed publishing house.

We request the academic community and Research Scholars to go through such a literature (it may be even in the form of books, folk literature, songs and so on.) and make a study and present them in the seminar.

Scholars from the following Universities will be delivering special lectures:
State University of New York (SUNY) Cortland, USA
University of Namur, Belgium

Important information:
Those intending to present papers can contact the Chief Coordinator at the earliest. They can also send their papers before 30th November 2017(along with an abstract). The contact details are given below.

International and invited scholars will be offered an honorarium. 

A detailed brochure with sub-themes would be sent to those who are participating and presenting the papers. It will be our pleasure to welcome you at St Aloysius College (Autonomous) campus at Mangalore on 5th -6th January 2018.

For further details, kindly contact: 

Chief Coordinator-

Dr Vishanz Pinto,
Dean, Faculty of Arts,
St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore-575003,
Karnataka, India
Phone: + 91 9480289560
Contact Email: